Our Certifying Standards

Each of our practitioners offers something unique to the world. Drawing from their varied backgrounds, years of education, and service work, each one finds their own way to contribute to either the field of medicine, education, spirituality, art, or other fields of work.

Our practitioners will have completed the following education (or equivalent):

  • A one-year foundation course in experiential shamanic studies
  • A two-year course in professionalism, safety, ethical practice, law, business, health and disease, psychology, first aid, etc. related to shamanic practice
  • Two years of education and training in their chosen specialty
  • One year of supervised practice
  • A formal written, oral & practical examination

After completing the above, each practitioner takes an oath of professional conduct and ethical standards and is then invited to certify.

To keep their certification current each practitioner must maintain the following:

  • Ongoing supervision
  • 10 hours per year of continuing education
  • Peer circle review
  • Professional liability insurance
  • Accountability to our supervisory circle
  • Accountability to our complaint and disciplinary board

Each practitioner is required to re-certify every two years.

There are currently no state or federal regulatory bodies that certify shamanic practitioners. We are a private organization that believes that self-regulation is the first step toward becoming more transparent and professional.

Certified Shamanic Practitioner® and CSP® are the registered trademarks of FoxFire Institute of Shamanic Studies and S. Alexander Alich.

Last updated: 10. July 2023